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Claudia Aracely Tema Garcia

Cesar Augusto Ambrocio Ambrocio


Fourth Teaching Profession


English Language


Monico Ambrocio Ambrocio


Tradition of English

DATE: 04-09-009


Thepresent work is to present him, him

Important that is this work, since he/she gives

Emphasis in the concerning of the content, already

That it is the translation of the English language,

Of the questions that the pamphlet of this

I work it presents us.

And this way us as students

We will take out him benefit for that we will learn a lot

Of the content and the same as theEnglish language. It is

For that reason that next we present him the content.



¢to Put in he/she practices the educational activities

¢to Develop the active and dynamic classes

¢to Understand and to understand the topics to develop.


¢to Recognize the importance of the course.

¢to Know the most important in the course duringthe semester.

¢to Leave ahead in the course.

¢to Participate in the different activities in a voluntary way in the development of the course.

¢to Foment in the discente the initiatives, the interest and the responsibility of carrying out the activities to develop in the semester.



She is my teacher. She is Mary. She is the secretary. She is mysister.

Who is that lady.

They are in the typingroom. They are in the office. They are at school.

Two ¿Where are the secretaries?

It is at home. It is on my desck. It is here. It is in the classroom.

¿Where is your English book?

It is the new computer. It is a new typewriter. It is the old fax equipment.

¿What is in that box?

He (she) is eficient. He (she) is good. He(she) is sick. She (he) ia appy.

She (he) is sad. She (he) is aggresive. (de empuje)

¿How is the acountant.

He (she) is from Guatemala. He (she) is from the united states.

He ( she) is from Quetzaltenango. She (he) is from Jutiapa.

¿Where is the teacher from?

They are from Tiquisate. They are from Cóban. They are from Zacapa. They are from Puerto Barrios.

Where are the studentfrom.

I am in fourth. I am in second grade

¿What grade are you in?


I. Change the following statements into questions.

Cambie el siguiente cuestionamiento en esta frase en pregunta.

1. The computer is necessary.

¿Is the computer necessary?

2. I am a student at the Guatemala Business school.

¿am I astudent at the Guatemala Business school?

3. You are very diligent. (aplicado)

¿are you very diligent?

4. Mary is anEnglish teacher.

Is Mary an English teacher.

5. Robert is caraful. (cuidadoso)

¿Is Robert caraful? ¿Is Robert caraful?

6. You are onn floor seven.

Care you on floor seven.7. Tomorrow is the Word processing test.

¿Is tomorrow the wor prossesing test?

8. The manager is at the office.

¿Is the manager at the office?

9. They are very tired at the end of the day.

¿ave they very tired at end of the day?

10. They clercks are busy. (ocupado)

¿are they clersck busy.?II. Changete the previous statements into negative form.


1. The computer is not necessary.

2. I am not a student at the Guatemala Business school.

3. You are not very diligent.

4. Mary is not an Englih teacher.

5. Robert is not careful .

6. You are not on floor seven.

7. Tomorow...
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