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  • Publicado : 11 de junio de 2011
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Alberto’ 15th birthday is coming. He, his mother and his brother are shopping.
Alberto: Look at these pants. Nice, uh?Leo: If you say so.Dad: Alberto. Did you see the tag? I’m sorry, but I can’t buy it. It’s too expensive. Can’t you find something cheaper?Alberto: But, dad! It’s my 15th birthday. I need good stuff.Leo: Sure Lie food, drink, music, slipper... Alberto: Iwasn’t talking to you! Just don’t help me, OK? Leo: OK. I’m going to the bookstore.Dad: I can’t spend any money on you today, Leo.Leo: Don’t worry. I have my savings. Alberto:Will you get me a present? Leo: What? A present?Dad: Come on … Listen, when and where are we going to meet?...
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