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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Hello David Sanchez…
Hi, I'm your admirer from very small , I know that you aren’t very known but your work is really surprising, first I want to congratulate you because you're a great person anda great exponent of Rap, You aren’t one of the pillars of the urban genre, but you’re the most important pillar of what we called nowadays Rap. Where you were born and why did you start singing Rap?Also I that your these in prison it wanted to know: when you go out at liberty? And, Why did they condemn you? Many in the streets we know that you are innocent and offer to you all our support.But simultaneously I wonder which are your projects when you go out?

Good, to say goodbye only I want to know, why do you make you call TEMPO? I don’t have anything more that to say to you, onlythank you for reading my letter, that you work out at liberty prompt and that you are well of health. Good-bye.
Attentively Jimmy Yshiy

Hi, Jimmy!
I received your letter and it gives me taste toknow that there are people who still follow my career as singer, good answering to your doubts I born in Ponce's neighborhood located to the south of Puerto Rico. From small lived in a world ofinjustice and started to writing letters suddenly I realized that it had good heap and this way I began at the age of 11.
They imprisoned me in the year 2002 for supposed distribution of drugs condemned meto 22 years of prison but for good conduct I will go out in 2014, graces for the constant support of the people in the street. I give thanks to Ramon Ayala Rodriguez who takes me as a composer in hiscompany and have projects that prompt my fans were finding out. Good the name TEMPO it was put by a friend who died, thank you for sending your letter and the day in that I die please do not forget meas they did long ago, speak to your son that there was a rapper called TEMPO.

Hola, David Sánchez.

Soy admirador tuyo desde muy niño y aunque yo sé que no eres conocido tu trabajo es...