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I- Write 3 sentences about ability in the present

1-I can play guitar

2-Ariel can play soccer

3-Dylan can run very fast

II-Write 3 sentences about inability in the present

1-Ican´t ride a motorcycle

2-My brother can´t sing

3-My mother can´t use the computer

III-Write a description of an animal
The jaguars live in northern Mexico and much of Central America toPeru, Paraguay and northern Argentina. They are members of the cat family. They live in groups called herd. It is a robust and muscular animal, it is a solitary animal, and usually adults are only forcourtship and mating. Hunting deer, capybaras, tapirs, peccaries, dogs, foxes and sometimes even anacondas and alligators

IV-Write your own description and 2 persons of your family
1-I am tall,plum, I have small brown eyes, long, brown hair, large ears, and I’m young,

2-My brother is very tall, strong, young, he has long brown hair, brown eyes and big nose

3-My cousin is tall, slim,young, short black hair, brown eyes, small nose

V-Write 3 affirmative sentences giving advice for a good health

1-You should visit a nutritionist

2-you should do exercise

3-You shoulddrink water

VI-Write 3 negative sentences giving advice for a good health

1-You shouldn’t eat candy

2-You shouldn´t eat junk food

3-You shouldn´t watch T.V.
VII-Write 3 comparativessentences with short adjectives

1-The notebook is cheaper than the book

2-Maria is younger than Juana

3-Julio is stronger than Max

VIII-Write 3 comparatives sentences with longadjectives

1-Jhon is more formal than George

2-The factory is more dangerous than school

3-The Cook is more delicious than broccoli
IX-Write 3 superlatives sentences whit short adjectives1-Rusia is the biggest country in the world

2-Richie is the youngest boy in the class

3-Alonso is the tallest boy in the class

X-Write 3 superlatives sentences whit long adjectives...
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