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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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This April 22 will detect a serious oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. coincidentally, the des fortunate accident. ocurrionel same day was celebrated Earth Day this oil spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico is an ecological disaster for a real new threat to the world and the environment.
we need to echo this unfortunate news. The oil spill has already reached more than 1,550 km2 and continues tomove toward this area, ranging from the coast of Louisiana to the shores of Alabama and MisisipiSegún explained by Mary Landry, Coast Guard Admiral, oil well emerge approximately 160 thousand liters of oil per day, equivalent to one thousand barrels per day, which produce pollution at sea with large, oily stains
The platform "Deepwater Horizon" is one that has operated on 22, leaving 11 workersmissing. British Petroleum (BP) is the operator that has leased to the platform. British Petroleum is the largest oil extractor in the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, BP did not hesitate to immediately mobilize teams trained for containment and seclusion of oil and about 32 ships float lines. The company explained that they are ready for use about 380,000 gallons of oil solvent, about a third world thesecompounds. Finally, senators confirmed that the explosion of the platform goes beyond being a tragedy for the victims and that also means remembering the real risks of oil exploration. Semar, Secretary of the Navy is studying the impact that this natural disaster has on the environment while continuing alertness

Oaxaca, Mexico-The plankton composed of organisms without motor activity itself,which provides food for many marine species, is the most affected when an oil spill occurs, it adheres to the oil fields that reach the ocean, said Alfonso Vázquez Botello, a researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology (ICMyL) of the UNAM.
Passing this nutrient to the raw water, it creates an imbalance, it is the main energy source for many species. "Oil affects plankton starts lowproductivity in the oceans," said the expert: Alfonso Vázquez Botello. university researcher
In addition, the dense patch of oil prevents the smooth passage of solar radiation into the ocean, affecting the process of photosynthesis, also added the Head of the Marine Geology and Environment ICMyL.
After arrival in the sea, the oil spreads across the ocean currents and goes to the depths, itsfinal destination are marine sediments.
Damage in the Gulf of Mexico
The spill from an oil platform in the company British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico, covers up to now 550 thousand square kilometers.
Affected well emerge a thousand barrels of crude, equivalent to 160 thousand liters of fuel, polluting the area with a rich stain.
"The general trends of the Gulf of Mexico are pointing north,so carry the crude to the U.S., and not toward Mexican waters. I think there will be no direct concern to our ecosystems, "said Vazquez Botello.
The oceanographer explained that the expansion of oil depends on its density (if it is light or heavy) and ocean dynamics, including wind and solar radiation, two important factors.
"We will continue to have problems with spills or contamination while weare dependent on oil. Most occurs in deep sea areas, and not on the coast, and technology to control them in deep areas is not yet advanced enough, "he acknowledged.
Oil in water
When oil reaches the ocean by a spill or parcels form micelles that are formed when water comes to oil, but not dissolved. "In forming this kind of chocolate mousse, organic matter is in the area is attached to thespot and begins to be carried by mainstream sites in the region," he said.
Then think of a physical-chemical action is the solar radiation, which plays an important role, helping to remove, through evaporation, the most toxic components. Then the wind kicks in, which moves the waves and causes the oil to mix and will occupy a larger area from the surface to the bottom.

The serious effects to...
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