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Read this guiding principles in order to identify where changes will take place and which impacts will these changes caused:
- Is there any changein formal organizational structure or number of organizational levels?
- Is there any change in reporting relationship and spans of control?
- Is there any changein informal chains of command?
- Is there any change in headcount?
- Is there any change in authority / approval required?

- Is there any change innumber and type of steps on the work process?
- Is there any change in who gets involve and at what stage?
- Is there any change in task frequency?
- Will there bemanual steps removed? (Automation)
- Will there be any increase / decrease of effort?
- Is there any change in forms and reports (i.e.: inputs / outputs)SKILLS
- New skills / knowledge will be required?
- New knowledge on business & process awareness will be required?
- New tools and job aid will be needed?
- Is thereany change in management / supervisory / leadership skills?

- Is there any change in either the individual or company norms ("the way of doing things")?- Is there a change in the company policies, vision, values, etc?
- Changes in management / leadership styles?
- Will there be changes in the perception ofperformance measurement?

- New facilities will be required in order to go on with the initiatives?
- Are there changes in the work environment?TECHNOLOGY
- A new tool will be required?
- The system performance could be impacted by this change?
- Is there new ways to access and use current technologies?
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