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Checklist - The Job of an Internship Supervisor
1) Preparations (before the internship)
Plan the training period & plan suitable tasks: fill in Internship Activity Plan (cf. 1.3).
Preparecompany cards/passes & (if necessary) computer login.
Check security routines – for example rules for minors under 18.
Fill in the Work Place Risk Analysis form if required (cf. 1.4).Check if necessary insurance coverage is provided.
Check the company’s checklist for new employees.
Pass the information to the colleagues and future co-workers of the trainee in your department.Also provide a Practical Information Document with information about about:
- work clothes,
- security rules and routines - fire alarm, injury - safety regulations,
- routines when sick/time off,
- time of lunch break, coffee breaks,
- floor plan of the company (lunch room, toilets),
- all necessary phone numbers for the trainee,
- company values,
- code of conduct(honesty, theft).
2) Reception and Introduction of the Trainee
Meet the trainee at the entrance.
Welcome – the first impression is important – and general introduction to the company (cf.2.1).
Go through the Internship Activity Plan (1.3) & the a Practical Information Document (1.4)
Get work clothes, lockers, routines for changing/ or dress code.
Tour of the workplace: showthe company in whole & different departments.
Present the trainee to your colleagues.
Check professional secretary – documents to be signed?
Ergonomics: working postures, handling ofmaterials and tools, workplace layout.
3) Tutoring (during the internship)
How to tutor a trainee – different learning styles: active, reflective, theoretical or practical (2.5).
Give specialattention to:
Try to engage the trainee in the work team.
Motivate the trainee.
Take your responsibility as a mentor.
Treat the trainee with respect.
Have a dialogue with the trainee...
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