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“The stove”
Forthe sole purpose of helping her little brother, Dorette willingly stayed alone in the cabin, so that she could feed the insatiable stove. She would do anything to help Derek survive until Garth andthe doctor arrived, even if she felt alone and scared.
In the middle of a snow filled forest, there was a cabin. Three brothers lived there; the oldest one, named Garth, had recently trackeda very dangerous man, an outlaw named Martin Dufour. Garth tried to shoot him with his rifle, and the other man did the same, until one of his bullets hurt Derek. He was the youngest one of thebrothers, and because of the incident that had happened not too long ago, he became very ill; as a measure to save his life, Garth when to Mandore in search for a doctor that could help him, while Derekrested in their cabin, warmed by the great iron stove that his sister Dorette constantly watched. She fed the roaring flames of the stove with big chunks of wood that they had stored in another smallercabin. Two days passed and she became restless. Garth had not yet arrived, and he had told her that he would arrive in approximately three days. She tried to sleep in vane, because when she wouldclose her eyes even for just minute, terrible nightmares seemed to haunt her. The sky turned dark, and loneliness settled in her heart. After that, she decided to pick more wood, only to find an enormouspile of snow. As if in a trance, she went back to the cabin. She thought of what she could do to maintain the stove working, until she finally had an idea. Taking and ax, she cut every wooden item offurniture and tossed them in the big mouth of the stove. It didn’t last for long. She went outside once more, and tried to collect fallen boughs that were nearby. But she was tired; her hands were...
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