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The spotlight in the U.S. presidential campaign falls Tuesday on Arizona and Michigan. Both states are holding primaries, and Michigan in particular will be the site of a showdown between the twoleading Republican contenders, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum.  

Public-opinion polls show Mitt Romney with a lead in Arizona, but a close racein Michigan between Romney and Rick Santorum, the state where Romney grew up and where his father served as governor.

Santorum is making a strong bid in Michigan by basing his appeal to socialconservative voters who favor home-schooling their children and who oppose abortion and gay marriage. “And I am not going to let the elites come up with phony ideology and phony ideas to rob you of yourfreedom and impose government control of your life," he said. 

But even some Republicans fear Santorum’s language has gotten strident of late, including his calling President Barack Obama a snobfor wanting to make a college education available to all who want one.

Santorum also sparked a controversy when he said that he does not believe the historical separation of religion and governmentin the United States should be absolute.

A Santorum victory in Michigan would embarrass Romney on his home turf, but the polls show Romney has gained on Santorum in recent days.

Romney was asked,on Fox News Sunday, how long the nomination battle will continue. “But how long the process goes on, I think it is hard to predict.  But I am convinced I am going to be the nominee and we will bewilling to take however long it takes to get that job done," he said. 

Romney, Santorum, and former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich have all criticized President Obama for apologizing for last week’sQuran burning at a U.S. air base in Afghanistan.

Romney has won victories in New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada and Maine and long has been the presumed frontrunner in the Republican race.

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