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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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A massive earthquake
has hit central Chile
and killed at least 214 people.

Integrants: Ignacio Alarcón G
Javier Muñoz D.
Grade: 3º CPitrufquén, 03 of june of 2010.

The 8.8 quake caused widespread damage, destroying buildings, bridges and roads in many areas. Electricity, water and phone lines were cut.
PresidentMichele Bachelet said that altogether two million people had been affected.
Several Pacific countries were hit by waves higher than usual after a tsunami was set off by the quake.

• Theearthquake struck at 0634 GMT,
115km (70 miles) north-east of the city
of Concepcion and 325km south-west
of the capital Santiago. It is the biggest
to hit Chile in 50 years.
At least 85 people diedin the region of
Maule alone, local journalists there said.
Many deaths were also in reported in
the regions of Santiago, O'Higgins, Biobio,
Araucania and Valparaiso.
Television pictures showed amajor bridge
at Concepcion had collapsed into the Biobio
Rescue teams are finding it difficult to reach
Concepcion because of damage to infrastructure,
national television reported.Aftershocks

In Santiago, where at least 13 people were killed, several buildings collapsed including a car park where dozens of cars were smashed.
A fire at a chemical plant in the outskirts of thecapital forced the evacuation of the neighbourhood.
Damage to Santiago international airport's terminal will keep it closed for at least 72 hours, officials said. Flights are being diverted to Mendozain Argentina.
Ms Bachelet declared a "state of catastrophe" in affected areas and appealed for calm.
She said: "We're doing everything we can with all the forces we have."
Tsunami waves reachedthe Juan Fernandez island group, reaching halfway into one inhabited area. Local media say that five people died there and several others are missing.

Two aid ships are reported to be on their way....
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