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1) In the first photo the scene represent the moment when Samantha and Ian was outside of London, exactly in the place where Ian was living when He was a child with his family.2) This picture represent the moment when Ian took to Samantha thinking that another person could be soak to her.

3) It represent maybe two scenes the first when Ian took the taxi and spoke withthe taxi driver for the first time or maybe represent de second time when Ian recognized the taxi driver and He was very surprised.

4) This photo show when the Samantha´s friend was in thehospital maybe in the first end when Samantha died or maybe when Ian died in the second and true final.

2) 1 conversation:

I. It was in the street while raining, they were overthere after to eat in a restaurant.

II. He was telling It to Samantha because He love Her and He wanted said his feelings also He Knew the future and He probably was thinking in givehis life for the Samantha´s life; too he wanted that Samantha knows his love for her

2. Conversation:

I. This conversation was in a restaurant celebrating later theSamantha’s show.

II. He said that to Samantha because he was a bit rude and He wanted to say something beautiful, also because that was his feeling for her.

III. They were in a restaurantcelebrating later the samantha´s presentation.

IV. After the second conversation She got up of her chair , later She said to Ian that she saw him coming into a travel agency, so, She leavethe restaurant crying and She took a taxi.

1. The principal personages in the move was three persons,

• Jennifer Love as Samantha Andrews. She represent the love, the passion for livethe life and She represent and American living in England

• Paul Nicholls as Ian Wynham. He represent somebody very serious, very worker and an English subject.

• The taxi driver:...