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Project Management – Linköping University |
Group A8 |

Ariadna Martínez Navidad & Víctor Oñoro Palacios

A project is a large set of complex activities, with a specific start and end, which works towards the achievement of a certain objective. Because of the excess of work, a fixed schedule and the need for different skills, many projects requirethe work of more than one person. Project teams are created from a job. They are integrated by the selection of technical experts who are elected by their ability to develop a specific role in the project.
It is time to decide which people are going to be choosen for the project. As we can see in the book: Bennet P.Lientz and kathryn P. Rea. (1998). The project team. In: Academic press Projectmanagement for the 21 century. 2nd ed. New York: Academic press. 116. The author makes a simile of staff selection with the casting of a play:
* The backers of the play: management, producers and investors.
* Director: the project manager is the person responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Key project management responsibilities include creating clear and attainableproject objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the triple constraint for projects, which are cost, time, and quality
* Main players: people who remain in the play during all scenes.
* Bit players: people who come into the play for specific scenes and roles and then disappear.
* Cameo players: often, big-name stars whose appearance adds luster to the play.
We will seeas the selection of staff plays an important role because it helps us to get competent people and avoiding non-productive people.

Once determined the goal the organization needs a product or service according to a defined project calendar and tools and methods that were used in it. Therefore, it first sets the goal and subsequently joined the group. We can now identify and start to address keyissues regarding teams.

Forming the Team
Now we know what a team project is we are interesting in know how must work.
* The most important rule is the Project will sink or swim depending on the final en product.
* If one person fail, the team suffer.
* The team will share common tools and methods. The tools, knowledge and techniques for managing projects are often unique toProject Management. For example: work breakdown structures, critical path analysis and earned value management. Understanding and applying the tools and techniques which are generally recognized as good practices are not sufficient alone for effective project management. 
* The team will have to identify and solve troubles together.
The team members must adhere to the end once they have joined theteam. They do not necessarily share values or mental models, so that the members of the group will have different reactions to similar intellectual and emotional stimuli.
The unique nature of the project gets to form new groups, so that during the project incorporate new participants and thereby that of communication and integration efforts should give results very quickly, in order to be usefulfor the project.
The sense of usefulness is very intense in the project, the integration of the team is a means to achieve the goal and never an end in itself, why participation is subject to the contribution of each of the members, their different ideas and views help to this.

Is time for the project manager to attract people from line organization of the company. This is not an easy taskbecause usually good people are involved in current projects or other kind of works so, the project manager has to define a timing to allow them to develop other projects.

The next step should be the definition of needs for the project:
* Develop a list of tasks, and make sure that these tasks cover the project.
* For each tasks would be necessary different knowledge and skills that...
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