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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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Marta Vilalta
Material used
• Filter paper prepared the last session
• A tall glass
• Water
• Table salt
3. Procedure, explain what you did with your wordsFirst we made the mixture with water and salt. Then we put 1ml of the substance in a plastic glass and we introduced the filter paper with the dyes. Then when the paper was all wet we took it and leaveit on the table to see what happened.
4. Results: Answer:
a. Q1. What does the salt solution do? The salt solution makes the color of each colorant go up. The color of the colorant does not have tobe the same as the one we are testing.
b. Q2. As the solution climbs up the filter paper, what do you begin to see? We began to see which color or dye dominates in the colorant.
c. Q3. Thisprocess you are experimenting is called chromatography. The salt
solution is called the mobile phase, and the paper the stationary phase. We
use the word affinity to refer to the tendency of the dyesto prefer one phase
over the other. The dyes that travel the furthest have more affinity for the salt
solution (the mobile phase); the dyes that travel the least have more affinity
for the paper(the stationary phase). Which dye does have more affinity for
the developing solution? Which one the less?
d. Q4. How many different dyes can you distinguish? We can distinguish many differentdyes but in M&M’s the dominant color dye is blue and some M&M’s are made with blue dye. In Lacasitos is different, yellow colorant is used to make other different colors.
e. Q5. Compare the spots fromthe different candies, noting similarities and
differences down. Which candies contained mixtures of dyes? In M&Ms blue is used for made blue, brown and green colorant and pink for do red.
InLacasitos yellow is used for made green and yellow colorant and pink for red.
Which ones
seem to have just one dye?
In M&Ms orange and yellow

In Lacasitos blue, brown and orange.
Do similar...
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