Trabajo voluntario en escocia - volunteer jobs in scotland

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To: Marie-Christine:
From: Sergio Salvador
Subject: Report on voluntary work
Please find the report about volunteer work attached in this email.


Volunteering consists of people who work in a company without earning money.
Each year the work of thousand of international volunteers helps communities around the world.

Benefits:Firstly there is a paramount benefit to the community where the job takes place. People in need are capable to get over their problems and limitations thanks to volunteers. For instance, old peoplewho can’t take care of themselves need people to feed and to clean them, as well as drive their wheelchair for a walk.
Moreover volunteers get the benefit of developing understanding and empathy fordiverse populations and environments, since once involved in the community they are not prone to forget it easily.
In addition volunteers can improve their work experience and skills of the areathey are studying. It also can give you an opportunity to return to work if you are between jobs.

Opportunities in Scotland:

There is a wide range of companies in Scotland which provide volunteerjobs. Most of these companies work for charity.
For example VFP (Volunteers for peace) offers over three thousand affordable, short-term voluntary service projects in more than hundred countries,including Perth. To became a volunteer in this company you have to be more than eighteen years old, although there are 250 annual teen projects in Europe, and voluntary service projects are usually of 2-3weeks in duration. A USD 300 per-project registration fee includes accommodation and food, whereas transportation is arranged and paid for the volunteer.
Furthermore, it is also required a driver todrive old people in Perth. The volunteer will be paid for all he need, and will be provided by a van.


In my opinion there is no point in working without a salary helping people...
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