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Installing Moodle
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Jump to: navigation, search Firstly don't panic! :-) This guide explains how to install Moodle for the first time. For some of these steps it goes into a lot of detail to try and cover the majority of possible web server setups, so this page may look long and complicated. Don't panic, once you know how to do it you can install Moodle in minutes! If you haveproblems please read this page carefully - most common issues are answered in here. If you still have trouble, you can seek help from the Moodle community via Using Moodle. Another option is to contact a Moodle Partner providing Moodle hosting who can completely maintain Moodle for you, so that you can ignore all this and get straight into educating! A Moodle partner is the preferredoption but if you decide to choose a hosting company that has cpanel then this tutorial will guide you through the process of choosing a host and setting up moodle via cpanel (not currently available). Warning: some hosting companies offer one-click moodle install options, which whilst sometimes effective, usually use old (sometimes years old) versions of moodle and sometimes simply don't work. If oneof these goes wrong, your best bet is often to start from scratch following the instructions here yourself. Its almost certainly quicker. If you want to run Moodle on your own computer and this page looks a bit daunting, then please see our guides: Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP(AMP) or how to install one of Moodle's complete packages. They provide alternative instructions to install all this onmost popular platforms.

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1 Table of Contents 2 Requirements 3 How many users? 4 Download and copy files into place o 4.1 Structure of moodle directory 5 Setting-up your system o 5.1 Check web server settings o 5.2 Recheck PHP settings o 5.3 Using a .htaccess file for webserver and PHP settings o 5.4 Creating an empty database5.4.1 Using a hosted server 5.4.2 Using the command line o 5.5 Creating the data directory 6 Run the installer script to create config.php 7 Go to the admin page to continue configuration 8 Installing Moodle Using Command Line 9 Set up cron 10 Set up backups 11 Create a new course 12 See also

Moodle is primarily developed in Linux using Apache, MySQL and PHP (also sometimes knownas the LAMP platform), but is also regularly tested with Windows XP/2000/2003 (WAMP), Solaris 10 (Sparc and x64), Mac OS X and Netware 6 operating systems. Support for PostgreSQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server is also available. The procedure for installing Moodle on the Windows platform (e.g. Windows Server, IIS and MSSQL) varies slightly to the procedure for the LAMP platform. See Installationfor Windows 2003 with IIS for more details. Blank page problem while installing Moodle on Windows Vista may occur; following these steps: Installing Moodle on Windows Vista might help. Note if you are using a hosted account: Most web hosts support all of these requirements by default. You should contact your web host's support desk to check that this is the case before signing-up with them. It isespecially important to ask about any PHP memory limits or MySQL question limits. If your prospective host does not provide a service which meets these requirements, or you are already signed up with them, ask them why and consider taking your business elsewhere if they do not change. The requirements for Moodle are as follows: Hardware (unless you are using a hosted server).
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Disk space:160MB free (min). You will require more free space to store your teaching materials. Memory: 256MB (min), 1GB (recommended). The general rule of thumb is that Moodle can support 50 concurrent users for every 1GB of RAM, but this will vary depending on your specific hardware and software combination.


Web server software. Most people use Apache, but Moodle should work fine...
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