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Data Center University™ Test Taking Tips
Studying develops specific skills and knowledge, but it is the presentation of your skill and knowledge that satisfies the exam. This difference is vital tosuccessful exam study. Multiple choice: Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong? Knowing what is wrong (and why it is wrong) as well as what is right, demonstrates mastery, and can lead you safelythrough the minefield of exam distracters (incorrect answer choices). Ineffective study may leave you with a narrow vision of what is right in a particular circumstance. Memorizing obvious factualknowledge may not deliver enough. Certification exams probe beyond knowledge of a simple fact for mastery-level ability. You must be able to actively apply your knowledge in skills such as power, cooling andmanagement. Follow a balanced study method Look at an exam topic from several perspectives: In a white paper, from an on-line course, on test preparation products or in the exam objectives. All ofthese together will reveal contextual knowledge. With sufficient contextual knowledge, spotting the reasons why distracters are wrong becomes a simple process of elimination. Understand the actual examobjectives. Click here to download DCU Associate exam objectives. Review the objectives and know the emphasis (percentage) for each exam domain. Know your learning preferences and select study methodssuited to them. You will likely learn faster if you know you “get it” by seeing, doing or hearing it. Test taking skills Slow down and carefully read the question. If you don’t understand it, rereadit. Do you know the material too well to “waste time” reading the question? The Data Center University Associate certification exam was written with the assistance of dozens of Subject Matter Experts.Do not expect to find clues in a consistent writing style for every question. The “BEST” choice is always the right choice. Some distracters will seem technically correct, but if there is a better...
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