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“…bitterly disappointed teachers can be either very effective or very dangerous…”

The first teacher I’m going to write about is Professor Robert Crawford from the movie “Finding Forrester”.He is considered to be a prestigious teacher at a prestigious school. His interaction with Jamal Wallace (one of the main characters of the film) is very interesting in several ways.
Jamal is ateenager from the Bronx. He lives with his mother and has a strong relationship with his brother. His father is hardly mentioned during the film. He abandoned Jamal and his mother a few years ago.Jamal will develop a very close relationship with one important writer (William Forrester) who will be crucial in his growth as a writer.
At certain moment of his academic time, some awesome testresults end up with Jamal being a Mailor School’s student. It’s essential to mention that Jamal’s Basketball abilities were remarkable and this was the real reason why he was being followed by thatschool (something really common in the USA, that shows how hypocrite a society can be).
On his first day there, he is warned that “the teachers here aren’t that into students’ participation” andthat “they prefer to hear themselves talk”. Those are two things a teacher should never do. Students’ participation is what makes a class unique.
Professor Crawford is an excellent example ofwhat you should not do when trying to teach. First of all, he starts underestimating Jamal and treating him differently from his classmates because he comes from a humble background.
Crawfordis a frustrated writer who, when failed as one, decided to “teach others how to write” as Forrester tells Jamal in one of their many conversations. He also tells him something really interesting: “keepin mind that bitterly disappointed teachers can be either very effective or very dangerous”. When talking to another teacher, Crawford denies any possibility of Jamal being a gifted writer with the...
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