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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2012
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Mariana Saucedo

Research: Gathering Sources

What specific area are you researching?
Bullying in schools

Find a credible website about your issue. Read it. Below, write thename of the website, author or organization publishing the website, and date written or last updated. Then, list the pathway you used to get to the website.

Ex: The Boston globe Website,Teen’s suicide prompts a look at bullying, 2010
Pathway: Google>bullying in school>Teen’s suicide prompts a look atbullying>

Now write down five sentences that highlight something interesting to you about your website.

The bullying included disagreements over teen romancesat school, school officials.

it continued with taunting text messages and harassing postings on Facebook, the popular social networking site

“The real problem now is the textingstuff and the cyber-bullying,’’ said South Hadley School Superintendent Gus A. Sayer. “Some kids can be very mean towards one another using that medium.’’

We’ve already begun adiscussion about what things we can do to help prevent things like this from happening,’’

A system-wide review had been underway for 18 months, as instances of bullying crept into schoolsWhat is the social issue at stake on your website? (one word or phrase)
bullying means suicide
What is your opinion about the issue in general? (one sophisticated sentence)
I think anyone whohas this problem should ask for help to prevent more young people commit suicide because this is serious and should take in the most serious.
Which of the five ideas on the website did you agreewith, and why? (at least 5 sentences)
Some parents have done everything possible so that people will pay more attention to this problem that affects everyone and and proposing laws to help reduce...