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Pollution: Problems of our days
Numerous magazine articles, books, newspapers. daily to warn people about the dangers lurking on the future of our living conditions,because of the disturbing growth of the human population, the squandering of natural resources, the degradation and pollution of the environment.

And yet why? Only to meet the demands of a permanentand renewed industrial civilization. That also gives us the comfort that also compromises our health.

Their risks are real must be considered, analyzed and explained.

In our atmosphere pouredmasses of moderately harmful substances, but also small amounts of highly toxic chemicals. These pollutants released by accident or not, are just one of the many ways that man has started to ruin theirown environment.

The pollution problem is not a recent phenomenon, but is among the oldest in-State has with humanity. It dates back to the emergence of the first urban centers.

Modern technologygives the unprecedented importance contamination derived from the problems of industrial and domestic effluents, many of which can not be destroyed or recycled (ceramics, plastics, pesticides,radioactive elements, etc..), So they have to make studies of importance to the concentration of industries and urban centers in one place.

Hydrocarbon use at all levels of human activity, places them atthe forefront among the sources of pollution, which cause large amounts of combustion residues, although recently appeared other causes for concern: the advancement of nuclear technology the naturalenvironment.

Also in agriculture has increased the risk for contaminants by the use of compounds which are accompanied by a number of adverse effects associated with the contamination of theenvironment.

The car plays an important role in air pollution in cities. Exhaust gases released into the air numerous toxic compounds. Also the continued advancement of human activity has created a...
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