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It's too hot ... 

Yes, too hot for us, people 
humans, we are so quiet. Because we are not 
speaking only of an increase in temperatures, but 
a global change that can be very dangerous. 
But all is not so bad: the cause of this warming 
is the very human activity. Therefore, for us 
stop depends. Want to know how? Read on! 

Between 1 and December 10, 1997, one hundred sixty countries met in Kyoto, Japan, to discuss 
changes in the Earth's climate. But what 
important is to know how many degrees will increase 
room temperature, where it will rain more or why not 
It snowed so much last year? 

Much more than you can imagine. The climate is 
union of many factors: sunlight, rainfall, 
wind, temperature. The delicate balance 
all that the earth has to develop 
tobecome what it is now: a cozy planet 
allows the lives of many animal and plant species, 
including us. 

What, for example, if the average temperature 
Earth decreased by 5 degrees? It does not seem much, do not 
right? Well, that happened about 15,000 years. 
At that time, much of Europe and America 
North were covered by ice for five thousand 
years. No wonder that period is called theIce Age! 

Currently, we face a new climate change 
but this time caused by human activity. The 
industry, automobiles, crops and large 
support of livestock, particularly that which allows 
survival of the five billion human beings 
populate the planet, causing great changes. One 
of them, perhaps most troubling, is the heating 
Global Earth, caused by an increase in effect 
emissions. The Industrial Revolution 

Climatic changes of the Earth (as the Age of 
Ice) are natural and gradual processes. Without 
But in the 18th century began to change history. The 
Man, now populated almost all parts of 
world, increasingly needed food, clothing, 
furniture, houses, roads ... They kept large flocks and 
large tracts of cultivated land. And, 
increase the production of allgoods, invented the 
industry. Each year, new machines began 
facilitate the work of man. 

But these machines need energy to 
work. To get this energy began to be used 
fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. 
The engines ran on coal, light 
many cities was obtained with gas lamps or 
oil ... 

This century was called "Industrial Revolution", and 
many thought would only bringbenefits to 
humans. The problem was that when burning 
fossil fuels, there were large amounts of 
invisible gases that spread through the atmosphere. The 
huge plantations, maintenance of animals and 
clearing of forests also produce gases. What kind of 
gases?: greenhouse gases. 

Since the Industrial Revolution, and because of the demands 
increasing energy and food needed by the 
man, everyyear brings more and more gas 
gases to the atmosphere. From the 18th century, the 
their number has almost doubled and our 
atmosphere is becoming more dense. 

Now this is dangerous: a thicker atmosphere 
means warmer air. This is not a process 
natural but induced climate change being 
human. According to scientists, the most likely outcome 
is global warming: the temperature of theEarth 
increase between 1.5 and 4.5 degrees Celsius within 
next 100 years. You're going to live this change! 

The Greenhouse Effect 

The Earth's atmosphere is composed of many gases. 
The most common are nitrogen and oxygen (this 
The latter is the need to breathe). The remaining 
less than one hundredth part, are gases so-called " 
gases. "we can not see or smell, but they are there. Some of them are carbon dioxide, the 
methane and nitrogen dioxide. 

In small concentrations of greenhouse gases are 
vital to our survival. When sunlight 
reaching Earth, some of this energy is reflected in 
the clouds, the rest passes through the atmosphere and reaches the 
soil. Thanks to this energy, for example, plants 
can grow and develop. 

But not all the Sun's energy is...
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