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Villaseca Elevator.

The Villaseca Elevator, was inaugurated on October 18, 1913 after seven months of construction of the project and is presented in the houses of the city the gateway to themountain area of Playa Ancha. 

His image and realize urban presence of Valparaiso hill, since the area where it is located, the plan of the city is close and is the hill which becomes more important. The feature that makes the difference is that this elevator all the way to the rise Taqueadero turns into a lifeline that passes by on the street mentioned, travel shows to Valparaiso in all itssplendor, going twice by the way public. 
The bottom of the lift station is located on the street Antonio Varas, and their presence is noted from the Plaza de la Aduana, their superior access stationis right in Playa Ancha Hill, on the street Pedro León Gallo. 

The station was established as a home comes from the Camino de Cintura, reaching the same housing sector, which responds to the needsof the locals who live on that hill. Architecturally Buenos Aires has a style, with multiple levels, posing as a home than the neighborhood.

Architecturally has a style, with multiple levels, posingas a home than the neighborhood. This is a great home where the color becomes very important in the context of the environment furniture.

Technical Aspects
Villaseca elevator was built by RicardoErnesto and Onfray.
It has a total length of 155 meters and a height of 59 meters in height.
It is located between 2 and 40 meters above sea level.
And is now owned Lift Company Valparaiso SA
Therails that rest on the hill over a large area, are interrupted when passing through the Quebrada de Taqueadero, rising up to the Belt Way where it has its base end.

Due to the constructionof port access tunnel and the remodeling of the Avenues Varas Altamirano and his service was interrupted.
Unfortunately this elevator slowly began to be abandoned and almost forgotten by the...
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