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Vista previa del texto 1. What are two mechanisms that provide redundancy for server farm implementations? (Choose two.) • host intrusion prevention systems • virtual private networks • network intrusion prevention systems • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol • Hot Standby Routing Protocol 2. The ability to connect securely to a private network over a public network is provided by which WAN technology? • DSL •Frame Relay • ISDN • PSTN • VPN 3. Which three statements describe the functions of the Cisco hierarchical network design model? (Choose three.) • Route summarization is not necessary at the core and distribution layers. • The distribution layer is responsible for traffic filtering and isolating failures from the core. • Two goals of the core layer are 100 percent uptime and maximizingthroughput. • The access layer provides a means of connecting end devices to the network. • The distribution layer distributes network traffic directly to end users. • The core layer usually employs a star topology. 4. A network designer is creating a new network. The design must offer enough redundancy to provide protection against a single link or device failure, yet must not be too complexor expensive to implement. What topology would fill these needs? • star • full mesh • partial mesh • extended star • hub and spoke 5. Refer to the exhibit. If the firewall module has been correctly configured using best practices for network security, which statement is true about the security design for the network? • Servers in the network are not protected from internal attacks. • Servers inthe DMZ are protected from internal and external attacks. • Servers in the server farm are protected from internal and external attacks. • Traffic from the external networks is not able to access the servers in the DMZ. 6. Which statement is true about a DMZ in a traditional network firewall design? • A DMZ is designed to provide service for external access but not for internal access. • Servers inthe DMZ provide limited information that can be accessed from external networks. • User access to the DMZ from the Internet and the internal network usually is treated the

same way. • All servers in the enterprise network should be located in a DMZ because of enhanced security measures. 7. What network connection would be most cost efficient while still meeting the security and connectivityneeds of this teleworker? • dedicated leased line connection with a dialup backup link • Frame Relay connection with a DSL backup link • DSL VPN connection with a dialup backup link • ATM connection with a DSL VPN backup link • DSL connection with no backup link 8. Refer to the exhibit. The server broadcasts an ARP request for the MAC address of its default gateway. If STP is not enabled, what isthe result of this ARP request? • Router_1 contains the broadcast and replies with the MAC address of the next-hop router. • Switch_A replies with the MAC address of the Router_1 E0 interface. • Switch_A and Switch_B continuously flood the message onto the network. • Switch_B forwards the broadcast request and replies with the Router_1 address. 9. Refer to the exhibit. The network administratorcreates a standard access control list to prohibit traffic from the network from reaching the network while still permitting Internet access for all networks. On which router interface and in which direction should it be applied? • interface fa0/0, inbound • interface fa0/0, outbound • interface fa0/1, inbound • interface fa0/1, outbound 10. What are twobest practices in wireless LAN design to ensure secure wireless access to the corporate network? (Choose two.) • Configure APs for broadcast SSID. • Place APs as far apart as possible. • Use a separate WLAN for employees. • Configure WPA. • Use wireless routers in all IDFs. 11. In a well-designed, high-availability network, which device significantly affects the most users if a...
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