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Form 2/WTRF

Written tasks rationale form: language A2
Submit To: Examiner Arrival Date: 15 MAR / 15 SEP Session: May/2012
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School Number:School Name: __
* Write legibly using black ink and retain a copy of this form.
* Complete one copy of this form for each task.
* Complete this form in the target language.
*The rationale will not be included in the word count.
* To complete this form, refer to the assessment details for written tasks in the Language A2 guide.

Subject: _EnglishA2________________________________ Level: _High_____
Candidate Name: _ Estefania Morales y Alvarez
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Option to which the task is linked. If literary option, the text title(s) should be included (for example, George Orwell, 1984). If cultural option, the topicshould be included (for example, propaganda).
Literary option1: Alienation
To kill a mockingbird: Harper LeeTitle (if appropriate): my memories in Maycomb Conty .
Area of communication and type of text: Poeticcommunication______________________________
Subject: Diary
Purpose: To understand other point of view of other character, in this case Dill’s.________________
Audience: To the author, Harper Lee and audiencesin general. .

Context (where appropriate): Present day (2010).

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International Baccalaureate Form 2/WTRF (reverse)

School Name: ...American School of Puebla................
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