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Watch the video once or twice and listen fot the answers to these questions. Take brief notes on the answers.
Who disappeared?
When did they disappearWhere they last seen?
What have investigators done to try to find the students?

Read these statements. Then watch the video again and circle the correctanswers. Compared your answers with a partner.
1.- Daniela Lopez and Justin Gouveia were kidnapped/drove off from a bed-and-breakfast.
2.- The couple hadknow each other for three years/ten days before they disappeared.
3.- Justin transferred to/ left Michigan State University to be with Daniela.
4.- JustinCalled his father/mother on the Friday evening before the couple disappeared.
5.- The students’ cell phones and credit cards have shown some/no activitysince the disappeearance.
6.- The students’ car has been found/is still missing.
7.- Family members said the couple had no money/ $1,000 in cash.

Writing.You are a parent of either Daniela Lopez or Justin Gouveia. Prepare a foyer announcing the students’ disappearence. Ask for any information people might haveabout the missing couple.
Read and study the rules ofModals of Speculation about the past on pg 162.
What do you think happened?
Write a text to offer a theory of explanation about what happened to theperson or people in the case you choose in activity one. Write at least five sentences with modals of speculation about the past and underline them (100words)
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