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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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Nowadays, alcoholism is a serious problem in the united states because each year the under age people are drinking more and more without being consious of alcohol's problems, and many people that arelegally allowed to drink, do it in a incredibly excessive way, have you ever seen someone drunk before, but i mean really wasted? how made you feel? did you help him? well that's because we tend tolaugh about it because we thinks it's fun or we just look to other side, but what most people don't really know is that it has so many bad consecuences that affect your body and people around much porcentage of under 21 people do you think that drink? well according to the sadd association, In 2005, about 11 million people ages 12-20 reported drinking alcohol in the past month. Nearly 7.2million (18.8%) were binge drinkers, and 2.3 million (6.0%) were heavy drinkers and also anothes alarming stadistic is that 58% of 12th graders report having been drunk at least once in their lifeand 20% of 8th graders report having been drunk at least once in their life.
 First of all, alcohol has more consequences in teenagers because their body are not pepared to recieve alcohol yet, but nomatter how old you are, it affects directly to your brain, killing your neurons, affecting your memory, you loose the control of your body and you act different, some times you are more agresive, othertimes you are funnier an sometimes you get depress, but that's probably the main reason why people drink, because they like how it feels, but is that a good reason? absolutely not, alcohol is the mainresponsable for many car accidents, violent acts, teenage pregnancy and many diseases such as cancer. Do you know any person that got pregnant because of alcohol? well actually it's more common thanyou think, the united states has the highest teen pregnancy rate in all the world, according to the center of disease control, one third of teenage women in the USA gets pregnant, in which 8 out of...
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