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Indian Companies are adding Western Flavor
1) What is your reaction to the article?
I think this article is very interesting because we can more the differentways to relate with people of other cultures, for example you can make somebody feel uncomfortable, with some acts you think are right to do.
2) Do you think Sierra Atlantic´s training policy forits Indian employees is a good example of how to motivate and train staff? Yes because you can learn how to talk with people from other places.
3) How would you feel if you had to change your styleof dress or behavior to suit the business culture of a foreign employer?
Maybe I would fell different, or maybe good, it depends the acts that I should do, but the persons who im going to be willfeel better
Little brother sees into your cubicle
1) Why was the Florida secretary dismissed?
Because, she made personal telephone calls.
2) What percentages of major U.S. firmsmonitor employee communications?
3) The market for employee monitoring software is expected to grow because:
Surveillance soft-ware is cheaper than before
Writing it down or talking itup? Contemporary “cultures of communication”
1) What other ways of communicating are there, that are not mentioned in the article?
Letters, Telegraph, graphics and news letter.
2) How wouldyou describe your “culture of communication”?
My culture si based in cell phone and the net.
3) in your opinion, have people become too dependent on new forms of communication technology? Can youthink of any “misuses” of communications technology?
Yes, cell phone and internet is part of life.
Problem is that if u don’t have cell phone and internet you cant feel complete.
1)Which cities have info-stores?
Salamanca, London and Tokyo
2) Where was the first Camper store opened?
In Barcelona
3) How many stores in the world sell Camper shoes?
4) Over 1000 in 20...
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