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Part I The Scientific Method
Describe the scientific method.

What it is and why is it important?
Are the ways in which scientists follow steps to answer questions and solve problems.
• Thescientific method is the basic method, guide, and system by which we originate, refine, extend, and apply knowledge in all fields.
• It is a Complete Method of Creative Problem Solving and DecisionMaking for All Fields
• Centuries of study, debate, and experimentation has established that the best of all methods of obtaining and originating reliable knowledge in all fields is the scientificmethod. Therefore, for all of the above problems of competitiveness in all areas, the scientific method is the guide to the mental activities and systems needed to solve the complex competitivenessproblems.

List the 5 steps of the scientific method
• Ask a question
• Form a hypothesis
• Test the hypothesis
• Analyze the results
• Draw conclusions
• Communicate Results

Why is important tochange only one variable at a time?
• In order to prove results just changing that variable in a simple way. If you change more than one variable you will not know which one makes the difference.Part II Characteristics of life and categorization
What are the 7 characteristics of life?
• Organisms are made of one or more cells
• Organisms detect and respond to stimuli
• Organisms reproduce• Organisms have DNA
• Organisms use energy for their metabolism
• Organisms grow and develop
• Homeostasis is the maintenance of a stable internal environmental

How do we format a scientificname?

What are the 3 Domains?
• Domain Archaea: in a modern taxonomic system, a domain made up of prokaryotes that are distinguished from other prokaryotes by differences in their genetics and inthe makeup of their cell wall; this domain aligns with the traditional kingdom Archaebacteria.
• Domain Bacteria: in a modern taxonomic system, a domain made up of prokaryotes that usually have a...
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