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  • Publicado : 17 de febrero de 2011
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English 6
Laura Feliza García Trejo
September 11th,2010.

Huicholes.The community of “Huicholes” lives in the mountain range called “Madre Occidental” which is at the north of Jalisco, Nayarit and other minor groups in Zacatecas and Durango.This group is one of the most preserved of Mexico, as they live isolated and refugee from others they have always taken care of their cultural characteristics and traditions aparted from other places.In the tallest parts of the mountain range is full of forests of conifers and the ground is very thin, these lots are always open for agriculture and when the organic matteris being lost very quickly it produces conditions of low fertility in the grounds.

There are many streams, tall mountains with an altitude bigger than the 2,500 meterswith narrow plateaus and deep caninos where the river’s water drains. While the the weather is cold in the tallest parto f the mountain range, it changes in the lowest parts with an extremely climate.Sometimes it can be very hot or very cold.

Religion and Language.

The huichol language isrelated to the nahuatl, and others like the pima, yaqui, cora and the tepehuano.Their religion consists in four main deities: Corn, Eagles, Deers and “Peyote”, all of them are descendents from theSun, “Tau”. Their religious acts are realizaed in a mountain of San Luis Potosi, Mexico named Wikiruta or Quemado. This mountain is divided in two sections, one of them is for women while the other isfor men.

Religion in Huichol’s life is really important for them because it’s the support of their identity and always exists through their hole wixarika life (customs,...
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