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My name is Stephanie Michelle Sanmiguel Alanis, I’m tall, pearly skin, wavy brown hair, average weight, of carat strong and very happy, my favorite singer is Ricardo Arjona and I love the resident evil movies and I love the chocolate.
Xenia: Hey Michelle, how are you?
Michelle: Hey xenia, I’m fine, how about you?
Xenia: I'm fine thank you.
Xenia:So, what are you going to do tomorrow night?
Michelle: Mmmm, I don't have nothing to do. Why?
Xenia: I was wondering if you'd like to come to the Knicks game.
Michelle: The Knicks? Do you have extra ticket?
Xenia. Yes, and I was going to go with Sharon, but she got sick.
Michelle: Oh, sounds great.
Xenia: Then, let's meet in my house tomorrow at eighteen o' clock.
Michelle: OK, see you.TARGET #3
first crosses the path of the Prairie Avenue
after Turn right on Sunset Avenue
cross the street to the front
walk straight
and so reaches the school reaches west Pablo Livas

The Christmas meal consists of a midnight feast in honor of the birth of Christ which took place at that time, similarly to the Jewish feast of Passover. Traditionally eat turkey,cod, pork, lamb and other dishes, depending on where it is held or family traditions.
Christmas Carols songs or songs alluding to the birth of Christ or the Holy Family. Some, like Silent Night have versions in several languages and rhythms, with the same or different name. Las Posadas is a series of festivals which recall the journey of Joseph and the Virgin Mary to come to Bethlehem. Thesecelebrations take place from 16 to 24 December in Mexico and its neighbors. Catholic custom, where families or groups of people gather to pray a novena, from 16 to 24 December, Christmas eating typical dishes such as pancakes or custard and sing Christmas carols, plus fun and games why do the holidays Christmas and New Year. Las Pinatas is a clay pot adorned with spikes and confetti or cardboardcutouts adorned with colored confetti, both filled with candy, fruit and sometimes toys and confetti, they break in each of the days of the Posadas . According to tradition the pinata should take 7 peaks as each one representing the 7 deadly sins.

Food rating
Countable: uncountable:
Apples flour
Pears cream
Any fruit soda
Place to live
Spain, also called the Kingdom of Spain, is a sovereign country, member of the European Union, established social and democratic state of law and whose form of government is a parliamentary monarchy. Its territory with its capital in Madrid, took most of the Iberian peninsula, to which is added the archipelagos of the Balearic Islands (in the western MediterraneanSea) and the Canary Islands (in the northeast Atlantic Ocean), as well as northern Africa the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, as well as districts and possessions under Chafarinas islands, the rock of Vélez de la Gomera and Penon de Alhucemas. Llívia Township, completely surrounded by French territory in the Pyrenees, complete all the territories together with the island of Alboran,Columbretes islands and a series of islands and islets in front of their own costs.

It has an area of 504,645 km ², being the fourth largest country in the continent after Russia, Ukraine and France. With an average altitude of 650 meters is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. A population of 47,021,031 inhabitants, according to the municipal census of 2010.

According to the Spanish...
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