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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2010
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Viviana: Hi Maria. I need a nice jacket.
Friend: If you want, I can lend you one.
Viviana: Also you can lend me a bracelet, earrings.
Friend: Why do you buythose personal items?
Viviana: Because I don´t have money.
Friend: But I can lend you.
Viviana: Ok, We should go to the store, now.
Friend: Well, Vivi let go!
Viviana: Oh Maria, looksthis dress.
Friend: This is perfect for you.
Viviana: And look this bracelet.
Friends: Vivi stops looking, these two kind things are the best for you.
Viviana: Yeah, you should pay for me.Friend: Ok, I´m going to lend money.
Sales Person: Welcom to Pratry Store.
Viviana: Thank you!
Sales Person: Can I help you?
Viviana: No, I am just looking.Sales Person: Ok if you need to me please call me.
Viviana: Guy, can you help me?
Sales Person: What do you need?
Viviana: I need a black pant.
Sales Person: We have black pants with differentbrands, Jeans Wear, Diesel, and Oxxo.
Viviana: No, I am not looking for jean.
I am looking for a pant.
Sales Person: Ah, we have a beautiful cotton pant.
Viviana: Ok this is really nice.Sales person: Yeat and it doesn´t expensive.
Viviana: How much it is?
Sales Person: It´s $ 499.
Viviana: Can I try it on?
Sales Person: That´s ok.
Viviana: Ok thank, I´ll go to payit.
Viviana: Maria looks this amazing hang bag.
Friend: It´s beautiful but I don´t like the material.
Viviana: What material is it?
Friend: It os a plastic hang bagand it damages quckly.
Viviana: And what color do you prefer.
I prefer ones green, red, yellow or pink.
Friend: But just one.
Viviana: Pink.
A leather pink hang bag.
Friend: Ok,choose only one.
Viviana: I prefer this. I am going to buy this.
Friend: Ok, this is perfect.
Viviana: How much a it is?
Friend: Look here, it´s not $ 1.00.
Viviana: No, I don´t like now...
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