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Name: Ana Gabriela Arjona González date: 23/02/10 group: 4c
Organization chart
1. Administrative: It is an area of administrative and operationalcontrol of the park. In this area comes to accounting, purchasing and Warehouse Park
1.2 Purchasing and warehouse: must ensure receipt of appropriate materials and the amount required in order totransform and to make timely delivery of finished product to customers at the same time it must take care to keep only the relevant inventory to meet the needs and maintain a reasonable safety factorand not fall into that storage costs are made up of interest on the investment, obsolescence and the cost of space
2. Marketing and advertising: This department is responsible for designing andimplementing strategies to bind the organization and consumers creatively and productively. Has the ability to respond to change, Raise, evaluate, analyze and identify the needs.
Is where has theknowledge and practice to design and implement strategies regarding product development, advertising, promotion, public relations, sales, distribution, pricing, service, and market research.2.1 Graphic design: this department is responsible for making the designs and ideas for new sketches, figures, important part of the publicity given to it, creates very important parts of the park.2.2 Sales: sales department is responsible for persuading a market in the park, using its sales force or intermediaries, implementing sales techniques and policies commensurate with the serviceor product being sold. Where required sales strategies, has to do with the conditions of sale, claims and adjustments, service quality, distribution method, credit and collections, servicemechanical operation of branches.
3. Area information: This provides the necessary information to the client services business. (Standards, Children's parties, services to schools, entry costs, etc.)..
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