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Climax: One night he got home drunk and the cat bit him, so he furiously took out a pen knife out from his coat and took the cat one eye off. [pic]

Rising Actions
•The main character used to be sweet and docile when he was a kid, he liked animals a lot but at the same time his friends used to bother him because of his affectionate nature.
• He married awoman with similar interests and they had many pets, his favorite was his black cat Pluto.
• With time his mood changed and he became an irritating and very violent person with no apparent reason,the only one he wouldn’t harm was his cat.
• His illness got worse each day.

Falling Actions:
• Regret ate him a life the next day, so he started to drink too much, while the cat seemedto feel better.
• Suddenly one day as a product of deep anger he strangled the cat with his bare hands.
• As a consequence his house burned and he thought it had all been his fault, he saw ona wall the impression of a hanged cat burned in the fire over the surface of the wall.
• He felt tortured by the ideas of the black cat and everything that had happened but one day he found acat on his way home that was exactly like Pluto but had weird white smear under itself.
• One day the main character, his wife and Pluto went to the basement of their poor house, and Pluto wentamong his owner’s legs and he almost fell down so in an attack of anger he almost killed the cat with an axe.
• As his wife didn’t let him kill the cat, he went more irritated and killed herstabbing the axe in her head.
• He thought about hundreds of ways for getting rid of his wife´s body, but finally he enclosed within the walls of his house the body of his wife,

Conclusion: Someinspectors went one day to his house because a neighbor had called very worried about the wife of this man, and because of the meow of a cat, who was also with the woman, they found the body of his...
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