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When conducting discussion questions, the tone we use must be formal because the classmates and the instructor are the audience. Anthony made the mistake of using a casual tone,he is also not well informed of the language used when communicating in class forums, and finally he did not dedicate enough time on the activity.

To prevent these mistakes,we should take into consideration the following:


The time used to perform a certain task is very important; therefore, we must arrange our time to be with family,friends, go to work and study, which is often quite difficult. For this reason, we must know what our priorities are at the moment and we must not stop doing something important forthings that can wait and thus demonstrate that we are responsible.


When we write in the class forum, we must remember that the audience is broad, where people canhave different cultures, religions and ways of thinking. For all these reasons, we must use a formal tone and communicate our ideas with respect. The instructor should also checkwhat we write. In the chat rooms, we can use a casual tone but always with respect.

Get Informed.

To write correctly and without mistakes is necessary to obtain information.The University library, The Center for Writing Excellence and The Grammar Guide offer several tools to improve our writing, such as the use of active and passive voice, theBias-Free Language, the Awkward Language, among others.


When we complete the activity, we should check it at least once to ensure there are no spelling or grammarmistakes. This can be done in the Center for Writing Excellence or with the help of a spelling and grammar checker. We could also read it aloud to see if the tone is appropriate.
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