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Cusco :

*The department of Cusco is a division of the regional government of Peru located in the southeastern part of the country. It occupies a territory of more than 71 900 square kilometers which comprises mostly mountainous areas, the lowest covered by the Amazon rainforest.

*This region is the early Andean civilizations with the influence of Huari and Tiahuanaco. It is also thebirthplace of the Inca Empire and place of the resistance of Vilcabamba, Peru after the conquest of Peru. It is in this department, at the hacienda Marcahuasi (Mollepata), where in the sixteenth century the first vines grown in the Americas and occurs the first pisco.

*Its main agricultural resources are corn, barley, quinoa, tea and coffee. Excels in mining gold and gas energy.

1.-Location*Located in the south east of Peru, Andean region and comprises part of the high forest. Ucayali bordered on the north, south side by Arequipa and Puno, on the east Madre de Dios and Puno and west to Arequipa, Apurimac, Ayacucho and Junin.

•Creation: We lost in antiquity.
•Area: 71.891 km ².
•South Latitude: 11 º 13'19 "
•West Longitude: between meridians 72 º 59'52 "and 73 º 57 '45"•Population density: 16.3 inhabitants / km ².
•Population: Total: 1 171 403 (Census 2007).
•Department Capital: Cusco (3,399 m)
•Provinces: Acomayo, Anta, Calca, Canas, Canchis, Cusco, Chumbivilcas, bones, the Convention Paruro Paucartambo Quispicanchi and Urubamba.
•Districts: 108.
•Climate: The climate is cold and dry from May to December and rainy in the months of January through April. The averagetemperature in the capital is 12 ° C being the maximum of 18 ° C and a low around 4 ° C or so. In the Amazon jungle is tropical.

•Most important rivers: the Urubamba and Apurimac Vilcanota.
•Nevados: Ausangate (6.384 m), Salcantay (6.271 m), Colpa Ananta (6.110 m), Chumpe (6.106 m), Alcamarinayoc (6.102 m), Veronica (5.682 m)
•Abras: Chimboya (5.150 m) in Canchis; Hualla Hualla(4,280 m) in Quispicanchi; Huaylla Apacheta (4,700 m) in Chumbivilca and La Raya (4.313 m) in Canas.
•Pongos (Steps narrow and dangerous rivers, the Quechua Punku What does door): Mainique and Timpia (500 m) in the Convention.
•Lagoons: Sibinacocha, Pomacanchi and Languilayo.
*The city of Cusco is considered the oldest living city in America, with an approximate age of 3,000 years.The natural development of the city was cut short by the arrival of the Spanish, November 15, 1533. In 1536 Manco Inca began a war against the invaders, which was followed by the rebellions of Tupac Amaru I and, long after Tupac Amaru II, both martyred in the Plaza Mayor. Between 1814 and 1815 Matthew Pumacahua began another Indian revolt. In 1933 in Argentina, was declared the city of Cuzco asthe "Archaeological Capital of South America." In 1978, in Italy, was appointed to Cuzco as "World Cultural Heritage." On December 9, 1983, UNESCO declared Cusco as "Common Heritage of Mankind." The 1993 Peruvian Constitution declares to Cusco as "Historical Capital of Peru."
*Tourism is the main economic source. Also important is the extraction of copper from open pit mines Tintaya.In agriculture Cuzco is a leader in the production of tea, coffee and cocoa. It is the second largest producer of potatoes and soybeans in Peru. On the other hand, the exploitation of Camisea gas is and will be crucial to development because there are two rich hydrocarbon deposits. The recoverable reserves are estimated at 750 million barrels of liquid natural gas. Cusco is also fertilizerprocessing plants and advanced brewing. Beyond that, it has the power plants and Machu Picchu Quillabamba.
5.- Tourist Attractions
*In the capital, we can highlight or Huacaypata Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral of Cuzco (in which saves the recent Lord of the Earthquakes, the patron of Cuzco), the Casa de los Cuatro Bustos, the Convent of Santo Domingo (built on the Coricancha or Temple of the Sun)etc....
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