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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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2.5.1 Fieldwork
In the interviews it is possible to observe that every urban culture has different thoughts, different ideologies, way of dressing, some young women enter to that culture for theinfluence of the music, for the mode, friendship, mass media, lack of communication with the parents and the most relevant, the search of his identity.

In the development of the investigation theequipment of work could realize the negative concept that has the current company opposite to these urban groups, the majority of the persons has for understood and they affirm that they are a communitywithout a charitable activity for the company and that alone they influence other young women in order that they deposit these to cause and to generate more delinquency.

3.1 calculateof the direct costs
For the accomplishment of this project direct instruments were in use as they it are a role, ink, and these are in an average of cost of $ 200.000 .
3.2 Fees of the researchpersonnel
There will have to contract people specialized for the filiation of the documentary, for the edition of the same one, and the personnel that us was collaborating with the impression of theproject.
3.3 Direct costs or of consumption.
The direct materials to using are the role and the ink for the impressions of surveys, descriptions, workshops you prove statistics of the research betweenothers .


• It successfully developing language skills through the research project to have the communication skills necessary to enable us to properly use the English language.

•The research project was generated through the need for people to inform and influence known as urban culturesin the personality of youth.

In all community there are laws or rules that must be completed, many of these cultures don’t comply with it and lack of moral values, this affects the...
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