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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Ficha 24

Pasado simple

Verbos irregulares

I bought clothes
They slept in the night
She flew in the airplane

Verbos regulares

You played soccer
She worked in the office
We dancedat the party

Negative form

I didn’t go to school
She didn’t study all night
We didn’t have lunch

WH questions

With whom do you studied yesterday?
Whit josé


Did you playsoccer in the park?
Yes I did No I didn’t

Did you work in the office?
Yes I did no I didn’t

Ficha 25

Vervo to be en pasado

El verbo "To be" en pasado se traduce normalmente como:I was= Yo era/ Yo estaba

Aunque conserva todos los usos que vimos en el presente.

-La irregularidad está en la primera persona "I was"y la tercera del singular "he was,she was,it was,Ejemplos:

I was a student in the high school
She was a ballet dancer
He was my teacher
We were in the class

I wasn’t a student in the high school
She wasn’t a ballet dancer
He wasn’t myteacher
We weren’t in the class


Was she a balletdancer?
Yes she was No she wasn’t

Where did you born?
I’m born in mexico

Where are you from?
I’m from the monterrey



I do not understand math
You should study more

I repaired computer yesterday
It should work


I should not work
She should not study
You should not eat so much.Questions

Should I work?
Yes do you should

Should it work?
Yes do it should

Ficha 27

How much how many

How much milk is there?
There is a little

How many oranges are there?There is three


much money | many bills |
much traffic | many cars |
little food | few cookies |
little fruit | few apples |Ficha 28

Lista de adjetivos

ambitious | ambicioso |
annoying | pesado |
argumentative, quarrelsome | discutidor |
bad-tempered | malhumorado |
big-headed | creído, engreído |...
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