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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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Career outlook handbook
Choosing a career
* The last year of high school is a time when people begin making some very important choices abouttheir eventual career goals. Many people are confused and unfocused about their goals, usually for two reasons: they don’t know much about what careeroptions are available; and they don’t know themselves very well, at least with respect to the world of work. At least four factors strongly affectpeople’s satisfaction with the careers they choose. These are values, interests, intellectual abilities, and skills or talents.
For anyone at this stage inlife, the first challenge is to know your own capacities and interests. Then you can match them with the requirements of various careers. If you have awide range of capacities and interests, you will have many appropriate careers to choose from. If you have fewer, at least your choice will be easier.For some people, values are the strongest influence in choosing a career. Values are the principles and characteristics that are important to you andthat will bring you satisfaction. For example, you might have a talent for numbers and enjoy accounting. But if you values tell you to help others, youmight choose teaching, social work, or a similar occupation based on that value.

1. Values (line 11) is a subhead in the article. Based onparagraph 1, what would you expect the next three subheads to be?
2. Based on paragraph 1, what other topic will probably be discussed in the article?
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