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The contents of this DVD are protected by the Federal Copyright Law and international copyright laws, which govern their use.

© Instituto Nacional de Estudios Históricos de lasRevoluciones de México (INEHRM). All rights reserved.

The partial or total reproduction, publication, distribution, commercialization or commercial use, adaptation, transformation, or any other type of usenot authorized by INEHRM is strictly prohibited.

Violation of this prohibition constitutes a crime and an infringement sanctioned in accordance with the 26th Chapter of the Federal Penal Code(Código Penal Federal) and Article 231 of the Federal Copyright Law (Ley Federal del Derecho de Autor).

Public institutions and individuals wishing to copy and/or present the audiovisual materials maydo so only after reaching a prior agreement on the norms established in this regard and complying with the required forms for obtaining copies.

To request copies and information regarding theguidelines and forms, please write the INEHRM/Bicentennial liaison office for state and municipal governments at the following email address:, or call this number: 33 00 24 00,Ext. 3101.

• Original by the National Institute of Historic Studies of Mexico’s Revolutions (Instituto Nacional de Estudios Históricos de las Revoluciones de México) and the ExecutiveCoordinating Body for Celebrations of the Beginning of the Bicentennial of National Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution (Coordinación Ejecutiva de los Festejos del Inicio delBicentenario de la Independencia Nacional y del Inicio del Centenario de la Revolución Mexicana).

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