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PUBLIC DEED NUMBER NINE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(9,151)----------------------------------------------------------------- WHEREBY, the corporation Pro Alimentos S.A. isincorporated.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Panama, May 14, 2009----------------------------------------------------In Panama City, Capital of the Republic of Panama, and residence of the Notarial District with same name, on the fourteenth (14th) day of the month of May of the year two thousand nine (2009), before me, DIOMEDES EDGARDO CERRUD, Fifth Notary Public of the Circuit of Panama, with Identity Cardnumber eight-one hundred seventy one-three hundred one (8-171-301), personally appeared the following persons whom I know: MARIO PASIK, male, of legal age, married, businessman, Argentinean, with Identity Card number E-eighty one-five hundred twenty seven-seven hundred fifty six (E-81-527-756) and DOUGLAS ALEXANDRE GUIMARAES, male, of legal age, businessman, resident of this city, with Identity Cardnumber E-eight- forty five-four hundred seventy eight (E-8-45-478), whom I know and who appear before me for the purpose of forming a corporation pursuant to the provisions of the Panama Corporation Law, Law thirty two (32) of the twenty sixth (26th) day of February of one thousand nine hundred twenty seven (1927) of the Republic of Panama, do hereby establish the following Certificate ofIncorporation:---------------------------------------------------------------------------
first: The name of the corporation is: Pro Alimentos S.A.- -----------------------------------------------------------
SECOND: The objects and purposes of the corporation are the following: a) to buy and sell goods in general; wholesale and retail distribution, exchange, lease, management, trade, hold andinvestment of all kind of movable or immovable things, merchandise, goods, effects, products and other properties of any kind, nature or description; b) To carry on any business, sale or service, and to hire the necessary employees for such purpose.; c) To constitute and be part of any other corporation, foreign or national.; d) To buy, sell or trade of shares, bonds, stocks and goods of any kind ordescription; e) to act as trust or beneficiary of trusts in the Republic of Panama or in any other country; f) To give or receive profits, income or other proceeds of any nature; g) to buy, build, charter, own, operate, manage and administrate ships or vessels of any kind and its belongings, as well as to buy, build, charter, own, operate, manage and administrate of navigation lines or maritimeagencies in general; h) to loan, mortgage, assign and execute all kind of contracts and agreements of any nature, including pledge in favor of and/or against third parties; i) To open and manage bank accounts of any nature in any bank or banking institution in any part of the world; j) Further to the above mentioned objects, the company will have all the powers stated in Article nineteen (19) of Lawthirty two (32) of one thousand nine hundred twenty seven (1927) of the Republic of Panama, as well as any other powers granted by the corporation according to the provisions of any other law in force.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
THIRD: The authorized capital of the corporation is TEN THOUSAND DOLLARES (US$10,000.00), legalcurrency of the United Estates of America, divided into ONE HUNDRED (100) shares, issued as registered or bearer shares, of a par value of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (US$100.00) each. The Board of Directors may authorize the exchange of registered shares to the bearer and vice versa.---------------------
FOURTH: The right of vote shall correspond exclusively to the holders of such shares and they will...
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