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Mother was an orphan, his father had remarried and now lives with her stepmother and two daughters of this.
But like Cinderella's father had totravel almost always, she tried to start a good relationship with their new relatives and received in return the despotic treatment of the mother and daughters. The used worse than a slave and he evenpetty when it comes to giving food.
The hatred they felt for her was the reason they saw that Cinderella was much more beautiful than them.
In those days came an invitation from the King addressedto all young girls. His son, the prince, came on the road with the provision of marriage, and sisters thought to be at the top.
They knew that they were so beautiful and yes a little older, andthat's why bother trying to Cinderella: "As you are not beautiful - she said - and you do not dress, do not go to the party, but sew our garments."
And Cinderella worked day and night, pleasing theirvain stepsisters.
The long awaited night arrived and the sisters looked repainted, very fragrant, almost nothing but beauty. They left with her mother and Cinderella went to mourn with sadness.
If Ihad my mom or my fairy, I too would be in the fiesta, "he said, just when did your precious glow Fairy and said," Your wish will come true. "And the Cinderella looked like a queen. The cat and mouse,the fairy turned them into a luxurious carriage.
Upon leaving, her Fairy warned:''A midnight run out of charm and you come back. "
His arrival at the party was a success and the prince left allto dance with her.
I was captivated by her beauty, but when I went to confess his love, the clock struck twelve, and she quickly ran down the stairs and stumbled, losing his shoe.
The prince triedto follow but to no avail. The king, seeing that his son was ordered to try the shoe from all the girls in the kingdom, but it was useless.
And they came home from Cinderella. The sisters believed...