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Chapter one: ‘A Strange Man’
Holmes, i said one morning. ‘Come over here to the window. There’s a very strange man in our street’. My friend, the famous detective sherlock Holmes, got up slowy from his chair. Hestood behind me, witj his hands in his pockets, and loocked down into backer street. It was a cold february morning, and the snow of the day before was on the road.
The man in the streetwas about fifty tall, and fat. He wore expensive clothes – a long black coat, a tall ha tan dar trousers. He ran along the street ,an he looked very worried. His hands went up and down quickly, and his head moved from left to right.
‘What’s wrong with him?’ i said. ‘he’s looking at the numbers on all the houses.’
‘Watson’,said Holmes. ‘he’s coming here. I think.’
‘Here?’ i asked.
‘Yes,’ saidHolmes. ‘he’s vey unhappy about something and he wants my help.’
Just then , the man stoppe at our front door.
‘There… i told you, Watson,’ said hilmes with a smile.
‘he’s here to see me.’
Not long after that, the maid brought the man up to our room. Son he stood in front of us. His head moved from left to right, and he put his hands up worriedly and pulled his hair from time to time. Hismouth opened, but he couldn’t speañ.
Holmes took him by the arm and smiled. ‘Pleased sit down,’ he said. And he took him across the room the one of the chairs, and sat down next to him. ‘You’d like to tell us your story . is that righ? You are tired. We can wait a minute, and when you are ready, we can begin.’
The man sat for a minut or two. Holmes and u waited quietly. Then, when he was ready, theme looked up and began. ‘I look very strange i know,’ he said quietly.
‘No no,’ said Holmes. ‘You want to tell me something important, that’s all’.
‘Why did this happen to me? It’sthe worst thing … the very worst,’ say the stranger
‘Please tell me your name, sir, and then you can tell me your story,’ said Holmes.
‘Perhaps you know my name,’ said our visitor slowly. ‘i am Alexander Holder ofthe Holder and Stevenson bank of Threadneedle street.’
‘Ah yes,’ said Holmes. ‘One of the oldest banks in London.’
‘I’m Sorry sir,’ said Holder. ‘They told me about you and said, “Ypu must speak to sherlock Holmes. He can help you!” I came yo see you at once. I ran from baker Street Station to get here more quickly. It loocked strange. I know, because i don’t usally go running. Thank you forwaiting. I am ready now to begin.’
Holder then started to tell us his story:

Yesterday morning i was in my office at the bank when a man came to see me. When i saw him, i was very surprised. He was a very famous man. I’am sorry, but i can’t tell yo his name- because he’s one of the British royal family.
‘Mr Holder,’ He said, ‘people come to you borrow money. I hear’
‘Yes they do,’ I said, ‘andwe always give it to them when we can.’
‘I see,’ Said the man. ‘Well, i need to borrow fifty thousand pounds from you at once.’
‘Fifty thousand?’ I said
‘Yes. I can borrow that money many times over from my friends, of course. But i wanted to come to a bank for it. I’s not good to borrow from friends. After you give the money back to them, they always ask you for things later to say “Thankyou”.’
‘And how long do you need this money?’ Iasked
‘For six days, ‘ said the man. ‘Someone is going to give me a lot of money on monday, so i can give out fifty thousand punds to you then. But i need the money mow.’
‘Well, for the bank yo give out fifty thousand pounds, you need to leave something expensive with us,’ I said.
The man then took out a big black box and put it on the table.
I was verysurprised when he opened it.
‘Do you know the Emerald Crown?’ he said.
‘It’s one of the most famous crowns in England,’I answered.
Well, this man took the Emerald Crown out of the box. It’s gold with thirty-nine large emeralds- all of the most beautiful green color.
H e told me. ‘Please be very careful with it, and don’t take it away from the bank.’
He was afraid of a scandal for the...