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One day a jackal came upon a weaver’s hut in the middle of the jungle.
He spotted a huge tub.
He was very hungry, so he thought there might be some food for him.
But alas, there was no food! Onlysome strange coloured water. It was a dye used by the weavers.
But our jackal did not know that.
He decided to take a closer look but slipped and fell into the tub instead.
The jackal felt ashamedwhen he saw he had become all blue.
Jackal looking sadly at his reflection.
Oh dear, all the animals in the jungle will laugh at me! Them an idea struck him.
But perhaps I could pretend, thiscolour is the sign of a great leader!
They would be afraid of me. They would respect me like a king.
The jackal proudly entered the jungle and told the other animals, that lord Indra himself had chosenhim as their leader.
His blue colour was proof of that.
The jackal began to enjoy his newfound status.
He was very pleased indeed.
Though the jackal knew what he was doing was wrong he did not letthe other animals know the truth.
He became very arrogant, and when it came to appointing his ministers, he chose a lion, tiger and other big and strong animals over his own kind… this angered theother jackals.
Who does he think he is?
Is he not just like one of us?
Let us teach him a lesson for pretending to be someone he is not!
One night the blue jackal was conferring with his ministers.When he heard the howling of a distant jackal, he was very happy to hear it, and without thinking he suddenly gave a hearty jackal howl.
The bear, tiger and lion and all the other animals assembledthere, realized that this was nothing but an ordinary jackal making a fool of them.
They grew very angry and closed in on the jackal.
These were ferocious animals and they killed him in no time.// Conversation between grandpa and son
* Because the jackal lied to them?
* Yes, it is wrong to lie. But the jackal died, because he behaved differently with the animals in the jungle,...
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