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Writing N°2
The fresh meat
Centuries ago, in an Ethiopian village, a young couple fell deeply in love. They got married and went to live together in a picturesque house. The first monththey were perfectly together: he got a job as a butcher and she was confined to the house chores. But as months passed by, they began to fight for minor problems. So, one day, the man came to theconclusion that he was fed up with this situation and decided to divorce. He was determined to visit a dark magician in order to put his idea into action.
“Hello,” said the young man. “Are you Mr.Hokus?”
“That is my name, son,” agreed the magician. “What are you looking for?”
“I want to divorce from my wife as soon as possible,” answered the man.
“All right son, I can prepare a remedywhich will make your wife leave you. I need 5 kilos of fresh meat and one of your toenails. You must bring me these goods in two days or I won’t be able to mix them in the full moon night,” concludedthe magician.
“You will have them sooner than you imagine,” replied the man.
The next morning, the man decided to separate the 5 kilos of fresh meat but, for unknown reasons, there was no pieceleft of the 7 kilos he used to bring home every week. So, he decided to buy the adequate quantity and hide it in a secret place. Then he started the search for his toenails, but he failed because hiswife has already cleaned the whole house and dropped his sprang toenails out. At night, he met one of his best friends in the village’s tavern and began to drink beer feverishly.
The light of thenext day’s morning found him in a square’s bench feeling dizzy, but he left this sensation aside and went to the butcher’s shop. After two hours he realized that he could not collect the 2 things to makethe potion and felt discouraged.
But no sooner had he arrived home than he saw his wife in the living-room dressed in her best clothes. In that very moment, he kissed his wife passionately and...
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