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I packed my bags, it was all clearly stated that I had to be back until next week, it was Wednesday. The previous month I talked to Carlos, he was a friend of a friend of a friend, at first I sawsomething about him and about the way he looked at me, then it all clearly matched up. Carlos and I talked that night and we talked about many things, until we got to know each other, he was a friendlyperson. A week later we arranged to meet each other again, this time at his house. I arrived at sunset, I think, it was pretty dark know. I stepped out of my car, an old rotten up cadilac I had earnedwhen I worked at the car wash, then I saw this huge building, it seemed kind of old, then I walked towards the entrance, when there he was standing in the doorway. He invited me to go in, and as Ientered I could observe many objects of great value, I thought that Carlos was a person with an average amount of money, at last I didn’t gave it much attention. Carlos, offered me a glass of vodka, Iaccepted it and we sat down on the leather couches he had in his living room. We talked about my work and he kept asking if I was satisfied with the kind of money I was getting from my current job, andI told him it wouldn’t bother me if I had some more money in my pocket. Then after a few hours of talking, he told me if I wanted to be part of a business which could earn me big money. I asked whatwas the business he was talking me about, the he revealed everything. He wanted me to fly to Colombia, where his men would be waiting for me, then they would give me further instructions.

His namewas Paul Smith, an easy bait, clean records and a tidy man. He was the type of guy that would answer yes to everything you asked him. At last he was a good guy, but he was perfect for my plan. Iasked my friend “Gonzo” to find me a nice guy which needed money, he arranged me to meet him at the bar. I played the role of a friend to get him to like me and then I told him about the buisness, he...
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