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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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Folsom Feline Rescue
PO Box 6773, Folsom, CA 95763-6773
Folsom Feline Rescue

Trap Instructions


Folsom Feline Rescue uses two brands of traps made byeither Tomahawk or Hav-A-Hart. Both traps are single entry and operate in a similar manner. These instructions will show you how to set the trap and provide some suggestions for catching that elusivefeline. Setting the Trigger Rod: Lift the front trap door and set the trigger by putting your finger through the side of the trap and pushing the trigger rod forward onto the brass roller located on theV-door. Some traps may not have a brass roller. It is always a good idea to test the trap and spring it a few times to make sure it is working. A pencil or pen can be used to press on the trip pan tospring the trap.
Some traps have a lock for the V-door. To release the door lift the latch at the top of the trap by the U-Bar. Once released, all doors open by pushing in at the top and lifting up onthe door.

Magnified View of Trigger: The size of the trigger illustrated below is magnified to show various sensitivity settings. The actual size of the trigger is significantly smaller. In mostcases the normal or heavy setting will work fine. Kittens may require a more sensitive setting. Light Trigger Setting (Sensitive): Place just the tip of the trigger under the brass roller (Brass rollermay not be on all traps) located on the door cross rod of the V-door. This is useful for catching smaller and lightweight felines. See diagram below:

Releasing captured animals: Set the trap onend with the trap door facing up, push the V-door in (release latch if needed) and up against the top inside of the trap, hold door open while placing the trap on the ground. Keep opening faced awayfrom your body! Successful Live Trapping: Here are some hints to help • Place trap on a level surface. • It can be helpful to cover the trap with a large towel or blanket leaving just the opening...
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