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1. Approximately 28 countries around the world cultivate transgenic plants, for these MC plants have many beneficial characteristics like insect resistance, herbicide tolerance, and improved thequality.

2. European citizens did not agree with the plantation of transgenic soybeans because this plant contains the gene of BT that kills pollinators like bees.

3. The denunciation fromMexico to Monsanto in 2009 results from the contamination of native maize in Oaxaca.

4. Recent studies have shown that butterflies have had a high mortality rate in 2010 due to planting transgeniccorn.

5. One effect of GM crops in many countries is the destruction of wildlife plants and animals.

6. Monsanto Company, a multinational agriculture, has become a multimillionaire as aresult of transgenic seed sales of tomatoes, corn and soybeans.

7. The production of transgenic soybean in the world has brought environmental imbalance; as a result, in 2009, many Europeancountries decided not buy Monsanto’s soybeans.

8. The deforestation has increased as a result of the soy GM cultivation, so the balance of the ecosystem and wildlife have been altered.

9. Theconsumption of GM foods which are composed of CR1 result in the malformation of embryos.

10. The consumption of GMOs in Colombia has had terrible effects on the health of its residents, whoreported to ministry of health, suffer from allergies.

11. The prohibition wide free trade of GMOs in Europe is a cause of economic loss for U.S. companies, which sell genetically modified foods.12. Since 1982 Monsanto produces genetically modified foods with high nutritional component, thereby saving the world from malnutrition.

13. In April 2004, Hugo Chávez announced a total banon genetically modified seeds in Venezuela; similarly, the Hungarian government announced a ban on the import and cultivation of genetically modified corn seeds in January 2005.

14. In 1994,...
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