Transcription del rna

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RNA Polymerase3
Sigma Factors4
Transcription Termination5
Role of −10 and −35 Hexamers in Transcription5
Translational Machinery6
Posttranslational Modifications6
Additional Functions7
Regulation of Gene Expression7

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Tabla 1: Known properties ofvarious H. pylori promoters. 4
Tabla 2: Putative tRNA-modifying enzymes, related genes, and ORFs.5

ChapterTranscription and Translation

Sanjib Bhattacharyya,1 Mae F. Go,3 Bruce E. Dunn,2 and Suhas H. Phadnis2.
1 Department of Pathology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, 53226
2 Department of Pathology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, 53226, Pathology and LaboratoryMedicine Service, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, 5000 W. National Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53295
3 Gastrointestinal Section, Veterans Administration Health Care System and the University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT, 84148
Regulation of the transcription and translation mechanisms of Helicobacter pylori is presumed to be similar to those of thewell-studied Escherichia coli, because both are gram-negative bacteria. Complete DNA sequencing of the genomes of two different strains of H. pylori has allowed the application of powerful sequence homology searches to assign putative functions to various open reading frames (ORFs), leading to hypotheses regarding transcriptional and translational processes in H. pylori genomes (3, 47). In the short time since bothgenomes were sequenced, a large number of experimental investigations based on sequence analyses have contributed significantly to our understanding of these basic biochemical mechanisms in H. pylori.(Bijlsma J. J., Vandenbroucke-Grauls C. M., Phadnis S. H., 1999)⁠
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Cox J. L., Cox B. J., Fidanza V., C. D. H. (1987). The complete nucleotide sequence of the ilvGMEDA...
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