Translation competence

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What is Translation competence?
From another point of view from the definition of translation that is a translation into one’s first language, in many partsof the world translation into a second language is an accepted practice. The translation into one’s language and translation into a second language must betaught different to the students of these subjects, because they are different and have different qualities.
By definition any translator working in a secondlanguage, is a developmental path that they have to follow. A term has emerged because to the different view points on translation competence that is Interlingua.Sometimes translation my appear that they were translated in the source language and not in the target language, and teachers should teach this differences, somistakes can be eliminated. In the interlingual system is a whole enterprise were learning to translate is to learn to establish interlingual identification,and language transfers. Beside the teachers telling the students their error where they translate, students keep having these common mistakes.
Bysystematically analyzing what looks stylistically unnatural, or wrong in translations, we ought to be able to discover what system the translator is using to constructtexts. Whit this translation teacher can note this and they can be aware of what is still to be learned.
A Data analysis plays a important role in translationcompetence research. Discussion of the data is warranted for two reasons: to highlight the empirical nature of the work reported and clarify the type of data used.
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