Transmision automatica vw ag4

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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I n s t r u c t i o n D a t a S h e e t

VW/AUDI AG4, 01M, 01N, 01P
PART NUMBERS 119940-10, 119940-11, 119940-12, 119940K

Shift Cups
2 Shift Cups (medium) 4 Shift Cups (small) 1 ShiftCups (large) 1 O-Ring
Note: Kit will service complete
01M/01N/01P valve body.

1 Shift Cup (medium)

1 Shift Cup (small)

1 Shift Cup (large) 1 O-Ring119940-11



Installation Instructions: 1. Refer to the illustrations and location chart for correct size shift cups. 2. Using a T20 Tork Plus bit, remove theexisting OEM plastic shift cup and discard. 3. Using a T20 Tork Plus bit, install the correct size replacement aluminum shift cup. 4. Make sure the replacement shift cup is properly rotated so thatthe tabs will retain the valve body components securely. Notes: 1. When installing the replacement aluminum shift cup for the main pressure regulator valve, install the o-ring in to the cup groovefirst. Lubricate the plug and bore with assembly lube or ATF prior to installing the shift cup into the bore. 2. If removing the pressure regulator control valve, a special tool and specific proceduresare required. Full instructions are provided with the Sonnax replacement plug 119940-22 and accompanying tool kit 119940-TL9. (See page 2 for valve body illustration.)

119940K Rev:B, 119940-11 Rev:-,119940-12 Rev:A, 119940K(rb) 01-30-06


800-843-2600 • 802-463-9722 • F: 802-463-4059 • •


VW/AUDI AG4, 01M, 01N, 01P
PART NUMBERS 119940-10,119940-11, 119940-12, 119940K
K1 Cushion Valve

Shift Cups

119940-11 119940-11
K3/Manual Low Valve

Converter Regulator Valve

Manual Valve

TCC Boost Valve
TCC Apply 119940-01K MainPressure Regulator Valve K3 Shift Valve Pressure Regulator Control Valve B1 Apply Valve K2 Actuator Valve K1/B1 Shift Valve

K1 Actuator Valve B2 Shift Valve

119940-11 If removing the pressure...
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