Transports in england

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Transports in England
Roads and motorways are Britain's primary domestic transport routes. At the beginning of the 20th century, railway trains and canal barges were the main means of transportingheavy goods. Now around 65% are carried by lorries.
Travel by car, van or taxi is by far the most common means of transport, accounting for 85 per cent of passenger mileage in Great Britain.
Cars Most people in Britain travel by car. About 75% of households have at least one car.
Most goods are transported by roads in lorries.
Buses and Coaches:
We have single decker and doubledecker buses. You can see them in towns and cities. We use coaches for travelling longer distances or for going on school outings.
London's double-decker red buses are famous. The city has nearly 1,000bus routes and buses of many other types and colours also travel on them.
The bus adult single cash fare is £1.20 for any journey and with Pre Pay card £1.00. A one-day pass allowing unlimitedjourneys in the Greater London area for one day costs £3.00. A seven-day pass costs £11.00.
The main places a bus goes to are shown on the front of the bus. Some double-deckers have automatic doors andyou pay the driver when you go in. On single-deckers you sometimes buy your ticket from a machine in the bus. Most London buses have a conductor who will come round and collect fares.
Bus routes areidentified by numbers and sometimes letters,
One way of seeing London's major sights is on an open-top double-decker bus. Tickets are valid for 24 hours and allow unlimited 'hop on / hop off' travel.Taxis:
In London, the taxis are black but in the rest of the country they are different colours.
Black Cabs are the only taxi you can hail from the street. With the "for hire" sign lit, the driveris obliged to stop for you.
The rail network can take you anywhere in the country from the major stations in London
We have a railway network throughout the Uk used by many travellers....
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